Professional Dryland Training and Education to Build Better Athletes and Faster Swimmers

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Your Dryland Problem:

Not seeing your dryland equate to faster swimming?

Lost on how to improve your dryland program?

Don't know what exercises to do?

Unsure of how to put it all together?

Your Dryland Solution:

With SURGE Strength you'll get the dryland solutions you need to generate success in the water, and improve your understanding of how dryland works, whether you're a dryland enthusiast or starting at zero.
Better Athletes = Faster Swimmers


Dryland Education

On-demand access anywhere

Self-paced courses and certification

Simple and effective training concepts

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Dryland Education

Dryland Education

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SURGE Strength Academy


- Swimmers, Coaches, Parents and anyone interested in learning more about dryland

- Get quick, action-packed dryland education courses

- Learn simple, effective, and applicable basics of dryland training

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- Coaches, “self-coached” Masters athletes, Personal Trainers and more

- Become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC)

- Gain foundational dryland knowledge to be able to create a quality dryland program

Become Dryland Certified

- SSDC Graduates looking to grow even more in their dryland knowledge

- Enroll in continuing dryland education post-certification

- Stay on the cutting edge of dryland training for swimmers post-certification

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Want a Custom Dryland Program
for yourself or your team?


SURGE Strength Programs are focused on helping swimmers harness the power, speed and strength that comes from having a quality dryland and strength training program based on athletic development.

Building Resiliency for Injury Prevention

Increasing Athletic Performance

Developing Strength, Power and Endurance

Periodizing Dryland with Swim Training

Producing Swimming Specific Results

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SURGE Strength Programs
are for swim teams or
swimmers who are:

  • Chasing an Olympic medal
  • Pursuing a college scholarship
  • Trying to get the next meet cut
  • Wanting to enjoy the sport more

Ready to surge?

Get your own virtual, Dryland Certified Coach with a SURGE Strength Program specific to you and your goals.

SURGE Strength Programs are completely app-based, including a video demonstration of every exercise and access to your dedicated Dryland Certified Coach.

Programs start at $199/month for teams and $179/month for individuals.

Fill out a quick form to schedule a free call to talk more about how we can help, and which of our SURGE Strength Programs and Dryland Certified Coaches will be the best fit for you.

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Ready to surge?

What you can expect from your experience with a SURGE Strength Program:

Customized program based on: goals, ability, equipment & schedule

Swimming specific, results oriented SURGE Strength Program

Athleticism, strength, and injury prevention focus

Regular communication with your Dryland Certified Coach

SURGE Strength Program:

1) Let us know how we can help via a quick form 2) Schedule a free call to discuss our SURGE Strength Programs 3) Pick the best SURGE Strength Program, Dryland Certified Coach, and go! Get Started Now


SURGE Strength was founded with Chris Ritter's years of experience as both a swim coach and performance coach starting in 2004. This coaching blend has given him a unique perspective on both the wet and the dry side of training for swimmers.

Chris has earned numerous strength and conditioning certifications, including: CSCS, NASM-PES, USAW and NASM-CPT. He also has a degree in Physical Education and Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Exercise Science.


Chris’s passion for dryland drove him to craft and hone programs that launched swimmers to another level of performance. His background in strength training combined with his passion for both coaching and competing in the sport of swimming has generated a brand unlike any other in the world of swimming: SURGE Strength.

Through continuous improvement in both methodology and delivery, SURGE Strength has delivered dryland and strength training programs, via app, to over 1,000 athletes worldwide, logging over 20,000 workouts.

The goal of SURGE Strength is simple:
Build Better Athletes to
Generate Faster Swimmers.

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Chris Ritter



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